OdorBac Tec⁴ is designed up to be the safest, yet most powerful all-in-one odour eliminator and truly multi purpose commercial cleaner in the world. With unparalleled performance, delivered instantly, as a result of 2Pure’s patented technology, OdorBac Tec⁴ often replaces up to 90% of customers’ existing cleaning products reducing risk, training and cost while increasing efficiency, speed and results.

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The most common attempt to address an odour problem is simply by producing a perfume designed to overpower the offensive odour.  While this may address the issue in the very short term it will never remove the source.


Most odour ‘eliminating’ products contain Enzymes or bacteria that are designed to eat the bacteria causing the odour. The performance of these products is often unreliable, slow and they can be rendered useless when used alongside another cleaning product

OdorBac Tec⁴ Odour Technology

: OdorBac Tec⁴ technology is a breakthrough advancement on conventional odour ’eliminators’.  OdorBac Tec⁴ traps odours within a water droplet, and then specially formulated odour destructive reagents within the formula attack an odour compound at a molecular level, changing the structure so it is no longer an odour. OdorBac Tec⁴ destroys odours on contact, and at the same time, kills odour causing bacteria, preventing odours from returning. Leaving treated areas hygienically fresh.

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Favourably Comparable

OdorBac Tec⁴ has been benchmarked against competitors’ products at ‘in use’ dilutions.

Less products

Fewer products stocked in COSHH cupboards means less risk, less time, less training and lower costs.


OdorBac Tec⁴ can extend the life of carpets and soft furnishings that are due to be replaced.


First time cleaning is essential to maximise efficiency. Fast to clean and simple to use.

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In addition to the powerful problem solving abilities of OdorBac Tec⁴, it is also an all round work horse. Forget conventional preconceptions; this is a multi – purpose cleaning product that excels no matter the surface or delivery method. Use in trigger sprays, mop & bucket, extraction and buffing machines to effortlessly complete the vast majority of cleaning tasks with just one product.

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Using OdorBac Tec⁴ does more than just clean the surface, it enhances the surrounding environment.


Even using OdorBac Tec⁴ unscented makes an area ‘feel’ fresh and clean. Using a scented version provides additional deodorising.


Although not a disinfectant, OdorBac Tec⁴ inhibits microbial growth from dilutions of just 1:256. and has been tested to BSEN1276 protocol providing a 99% kill rate.


OdorBac Tec⁴ encapsulation technology effectively removes allergens, pathogens and other contaminants.

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2Pure products selects and formulates ingredients not only to ensure safety but to optimise the sustainability of the finished product when properly and diligently used.

2Pure only selects ingredients for products that are safe for people and the environment. OdorBac Tec⁴ has been reviewed by independent bodies and is classified as non-irritant, not hazardous and is 100% biodegradable.

Patented 2Pure technology means that OdorBac Tec⁴ uses less raw materials than conventional products without a reduction in the effectiveness of the product.

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